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*Drop off & Pick up must be done during our business hours*
*Current rate is $30 per night and $2.50 per medication per night. Fees are collected at check in.*

For Your Cat’s Health

Vaccination Policy: To ensure the protection of all cats and humans in our facility, all cats must be up to date on Rabies vaccine and Feline RCP (to protect against upper respiratory viruses). If you are unable to provide proof of vaccination, we will require you to update those vaccinations in accordance with this policy. An exam fee will be charged in addition to vaccinations. If your cat has had an allergic reaction to a vaccine prior, please provide records from a previous vet to prove this. This is for the safety of your cat, other cats in our care, our staff, and you.
External Parasites: FLEAS! If your cat has fleas/flea dirt or other parasites, he or she will be treated at your expense ($19 for Capstar, $25 for Revolution)
Medical Illness Policy: If your cat(s) becomes ill, we will call the emergency number(s) listed above regarding your cat’s symptoms, treatment options and estimate of additional costs. If no one can be reached, your cat will be treated as deemed best by the doctor and you will assume full responsibility for the treatment expense involved.

Medication Instructions for our Care Team

List of Belongings

Feeding Instructions for our Care team

Cats are fed at approximately 8 am in the morning and 4 p.m. in the evening. If not specified, the cats in our care will be fed ¼ cup twice daily of Purina Dry during their stay. If you have brought food, please indicate what brand & flavor/texture and how you would like us to feed. If you have not brought food, skip to the next section.

Miscellaneous Instructions/Pertinent information

Veterinary Care & Spa Services

If no additional services are being elected, skip to the authorization box at the bottom of this page. ***Additional services elected will be paid for at time of check out of our resort. An estimate will be generated for the services elected.***
If yes, Please read and sign below. We do not require sedation for grooming unless a cat becomes agitated/defensive or too uncomfortable (i.e. cats with severe arthritis or severe hair matting may be too painful to groom without sedation).