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Comprehensive Exam Drop-Off Form

Please fill out the online form below before you drop off your cat!

If you would prefer to download the form and fill it out at home, please click here.

Medical Illness Policy

If your cat(s) becomes acutely critical, we will call the number(s) listed above regarding your cat’s symptoms, treatment options and estimate of additional costs. If no one can be reached, your cat will be treated as deemed best by the doctor and you will assume full responsibility for the expense of the treatment involved.

Sedation Consent

With advancements in feline anesthesia, short term sedation/injectable anesthesia has minimal risk in most cats. The procedures and the agents used vary considerably depending on several variables including the age and medical history of your cat, and on the length and type of procedure being performed. However, no procedure is without risk. If your cat has an underlying condition that is not detectable on physical exam or blood work, there could be unforeseen complications and in a rare but worst scenario, death can be the result.